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Our primary contact for the Prudhoe area is our County Councillor

Gordon Stewart.

He can be contacted –via the below methods. 

Gordon Stewart (Prudhoe South)

 e mail –

Mobile 07779983093

whatsapp  via the above number

(Map showing ward areasClick here  


** If you would like to chat virtually please get in contact **

Offices.- Incl postal address.

County Hall address:
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Northumberland Conservatives
Office 6, Horton Park,
NE13 6BU
01670 789242 (Horton park)
Northumberland Conservatives
1 Meal Market, Hexham,
NE46 1NF
01434 603 777 (Hexham office)

Our Prudhoe social media platforms.

We can not act upon comments made via social media & will not enter into discussions in such a way, preferring to talk !




Prudhoe matters – Official notices / information.

&  Prudhoe Northumberland – Supporting our local business & wider community.


Prudhoe Conservatives


Prudhoe Conservatives

Tynedale area council meetings – held most months.

Please see details on the NCC website –

Councillors surgeries

Details will be posted on this website – news section & also via our social media platforms.

Pop up Surgeries.

Occasionally the Councillors will find that their meetings will be cancelled or finish early and they would like to give residents the opportunity to meet up with them at short notice.

These will be given via our social media platforms.

e.g To say they will be available at a certain location for a certain period of time.

Street Surgeries

These may be pre announced via social media, but generally will take place when a meeting has concluded early and the Councillor will mention via social media that he will be in a particular area for a approximate period of time, he will not normally call upon residents but will introduce himself as he walks around.

In addition checking on NCC property such as roads, bins and lights.

Out & About.

Please feel free to chat to your Councillors when they are out & about, this may be at community events such as coffee mornings or just when you see them in the streets.

We can’t solve all issues but …..

On most days we can receive many requests, these may be via e mail, letters or verbally.

Sometimes the requests may not be within our remit to deal with e.g Police / social housing / private land / family disputes / medical and a lot more besides.

We get asked to deal with issues in another Councillors ward but this would be inappropriate for us to do so.

But we are happy to support the residents if they contact us to try to deal with matters in our remit as quickly and effectively as possible, and sign post the resident to other support if practicable.

Check out the NCC website for a range of methods to report any concerns residents may have. Click here


Gordon Stewart

Guy’s Office


Suite 2, St Matthews House, Hexham, NE46

E mail (Office)


01434 603 777 (Hexham office)


Websites – Click here


Want to help us improve Prudhoe ?

Help to tidy up ? Deliver leaflets  ?  etc etc Please get in touch.

We realise that a large number of people do not have access to the internet, and we will continue to seek peoples views or communicate with them via other methods such as letters and even good old fashioned talking face to face.

How we can help.

We receive dozens of enquiries per week from residents, many of these are referred onto other organisations such as housing providers or NCC departments.

We will confirm that we have sent the enquiry onto the appropriate person etc, and we may ask them to contact the resident directly.

At times the contact will need reminding, please be assured that we would have done as we indicated and feel free to contact the Councillor if you do not get a response.

But note the result of the enquiry may not be what the resident wished for.