Santa is coming to Prudhoe





Details of visits. (incl some close to the town)

Friday 29th Nov 2019 Lights switch on- The Glade.

Wednesday 04-Dec 15.30 Crookhill & Grange Est
Thursday 05-Dec 18.00 Stargate

Friday 06-Dec 17.45 Kepier

Saturday  07-Dec 17.45 Coffee Morning Ryton Club

Sunday 08-Dec 11.00. Parkfield

Monday 09-Dec 17.30. New Estate, Chesters G, Garden House, Edendale

Wednesday 11-Dec 17.45 Horsley Ave

Friday 13-Dec 17.45 Castlefields

Saturday 14-Dec 17.45 Dukes Meadow
Sunday 15-Dec 17.00. Stella Estate

Tuesday 17-Dec 17.30. West Wylam

Wednesday 18-Dec 18.00. Ferndene Hosp, Humbles Estate, Moor Rd

Friday 20-Dec 17.00. Bewick Grange

Saturday 21-Dec 17.45 Castle Estate



Due to very good reasons Santa has had to reduce his routes, not just in Prudhoe but many other areas as well.

But he is still in the town for several days.

Santa realises he can not visit every street in the town and asks that people meet him on the routes, why not meet on corners with friends and family.

The above is just a rough outline of locations.

He can not say exactly when he will be in a street due to a variety of reasons e.g the number of people who want to see him, the weather, traffic conditions etc

If you see him please add a comment on our FB posts to let other people know where he is to help them to get ready to greet him.

Some streets are difficult for his sleigh to navigate for a number of reasons.

There are time restrictions imposed in evenings as part of the licence.

Santa is helped by volunteers along his route please give generously if you can to support great causes.

Please remember that the people supporting Santa are volunteers and are doing this to the best of their ability and in their own time and at their own expense,

For Santas route west of Prudhoe please see

Santa’s Sleigh Schedule 2019


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