Cranbrook drive

Further to previous information provided.
December 2019
Appeal – Dismissed
The planning inspector wrote –
‘I have found that the proposed development would cause significant harm
to the character and appearance of the area and would lead to an
unacceptable loss of open space of public value’
November 2019
The applicant has appealed against the decision of NCC to refuse his application.
The Independent Inspector will visit the site unannounced and make a decision as a result of that visit and referring to the documents provided in the planning application including any objections.
The Inspector is only looking to see if NCC acted lawfully in refusing the application.
We have been informed that the decision will be made before the end of 2019.
We are still working with all of the agencies that are able to assist with the ongoing issues in Cranbrook Drive.
Highways are aware of the problems with ice and will grit the area when they are able, obviously priority has to be given to the major routes.
The drains above and below the site are cleared on a regular basis.
We have asked for a grit bin to be provided,
Planning enforcement has been asked to look again at the planning conditions to see if there has been any breach and, if so, to take appropriate action.
But we are dealing with planning permission that was granted before we were in office, and can not add conditions after the permission was granted.
Guy Opperman is also involved and is doing all he can to assist.
We are planning another meeting with residents before Christmas, details will be circulated as soon as a date is agreed
Please contact Ken with any queries you may have – Contact info – Click here

Summer 2019
We have received several enquiries from residents about the below issues, and as you will appreciate the matter is subject to planning law and legal advice has had to be sought.
We have been working with Guy Opperman MP, PTC Cllrs & NCC officers.

The planning application has now been formally refused for the following reason:

The proposed development would result in the loss of amenity open space that makes a positive contribution to the visual amenity and character of the site and surrounding area. The proposed development and the resultant loss of open space would have a harmful impact on the amenity of local residents, and would be harmful to the character and appearance of the area. The proposal would therefore be contrary to the aims of Policy BE1 of the Tynedale Core Strategy, Policies GD2, H32 and LR3 of the Tynedale Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.

This decision has been communicated to the applicant who has a legal right to appeal the decision or to amend his application and resubmit for further consideration.
In terms of the maintenance of the land at Cranbrook Drive –

The County Council has previously maintained this area as amenity grass, cutting it on the same frequency as other public open space in the area. This was when the land was classified as public open space and the landowner had given us permission to do so.

The Council stopped mowing this area once the land class designation changed to housing land.

The cutting of the grass is explained as follows that if the land category has now been redesignated as public open space that we would seek permission from the new land owner to start cutting the grass again. 
The Neighbourhood Services team are now in the process of identifying the current land owner to seek this permission.

As planning applications are a matter of public record all relevant materials are available to view online through the public access system –

This remains NCC ‘s preferred route for keeping members of the public informed about planning matters .

We do not enter into discussions or take reports via social media but offer a range of  methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County Cllrs

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